Sale Bagheera Avenue Black Shoes Online Black 25310-00

Bagheera Avenue Black Shoes Online Black 25310-00

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Bagheera Avenue Black

Bagheera is a Swedish company founded in 1981 and was first mostly known for workout clothes such as exercise shirts with a big Bagheera logo. A lot has happened since then and this brand isn’t just known for workout clothes but also very comfortable sport shoes. Avenue Black is a great shoe and perfect if you have a job where you need to stand most of the day or just simply want some nice new athletic shoes. This pair will give you the support you need while also keeping your feet cool and dry.

Durable shoes made from good material

Bagheera Avenue Black will give you optimal support and they come in a nice and sleek black colour. These shoes are made of synthetics and not genuine leather but they are still very durable and relatively water repellent. The outsole has a deep pattern that provides a good grip even when the ground is uneven or slippery. These shoes are great for spring and summer as they aren’t lined, but if you want to wear them in the autumn or winter as well you can add an extra insole.

Great support for your entire body

Bagheera Avenue have received good responses from people with a profession that requires them to stand up a lot. The reason lies in the ergonomic design and the shock absorbing sole. They are very comfortable and will provide great support for your body all day long. These shoes are black and will match anything in your wardrobe. You can combine different colours, patterns and clothing styles. Wear them with a nice casual outfit and add a few colourful accessories to create a more personal touch.

How to care for your synthetic sport shoes

If you need a pair of sturdy and comfortable shoes these Bagheera Avenue Black are perfect. If you work in the restaurant business or in a different environment that requires a lot of standing and walking around it’s especially important to pick the right shoes. No matter where you decide to wear them it’s good to impregnate your shoes to protect them from dirt and water. There are many products for synthetics available on the market. If they get dirty or stained you can use a damp cloth and gently wash it off. Show more Show less

Bagheera Avenue Black Shoes Online Black 25310-00